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igus cobot in a battery charging application

igus GmbH

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The igus ReBeL is a collaborative robot specifically developed for use in automation. With a payload capacity of up to 2 kg and a maximum reach of 664 mm, it is suitable for various applications. The ReBeL stands out for its lightweight design, weighing only 8.2 kg, and offers up to 6 degrees of freedom for flexible movements. In the specific context of the video, where the igus ReBeL is equipped with a charger on the sixth axis, the cobot could perform tasks such as automatic charging and changing of tools or components on the production line, enabling continuous production without manual intervention and increasing efficiency.

The integration of a charger on the sixth axis enhances the cobot’s autonomy, as it can manage its own power supply, which is particularly advantageous in environments that require constant availability and minimal downtime. In conclusion, the igus ReBeL is an innovative cobot that promotes and improves automation in the automotive sector through its flexibility and performance.

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